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** Just a reminder the Pearl spa is available for locals as well as Hotel guests.
Features presents Pearl Spa at Abigail's Boutique Hotel

"Experience our world of scents and serenity".

For the Ultimate in Luxury

Enter "The Pearl" at Abigail's, a lavish setting where guests retreat from the world by escaping into the epitome of luxury and peaceful rejuvenation. Relinquish all concerns and simply unwind while taking pleasure in the personal attention of a professional and certified spa care therapist. The ultimate in relaxation, one can surrender into the array of treatments that blend authentic healing properties, massage and spa treatments.

Intimate, Elegant and Private!

As the embodiment of luxury, "The Pearl" at Abigail's offers the finest holistic spa services, which include relaxation massage, rejuvenating hand, foot and back treatments, reflexology, facials and a full range of aesthetic treatments. Enjoy the unique ambiance while experiencing a customized full body massage that softens the skin while at the same time brings deep relaxation to the mind, body and spirit. Relish in a heat penetrating massage using hot basalt ocean stones that improve circulation and reduce muscle tension.

Relinquish All Concerns!

Whether you are joining us for a get away retreat, celebrating a special occasion, enjoying your honeymoon or simply spending intimate time with a favorite person, "The Pearl" at Abigail's is the perfect setting for relinquishing all concerns. Emerge transformed with renewed energy after any one or several of the plentiful spa treatment selections at one of our spas. Please explore our spa menu to learn more and then feel free to call us schedule your appointment. See why Features Spa is a jewel to complete the perfect relaxing getaway.

We cater to customizing spa services for individuals, couples and small groups.

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yonka Products
Hi Nick,

It really was a pleasure staying in your establishment. Very well done. The vegan food was very important to us and your chefs executed upon our needs wonderfully. Any other place we stay in other cities will have a lot to live up to.

Also, if you can get a comment to the contracted massage therapist in particular, Cheryl, please let her know how great I thought she was. A fine therapist and an even finer human being.

Thanks again!
Kim Henry Karp